struts-layout tags allows to include the following widgets in jsps:

Input fields

struts-layout can generate all of the usual input element (text, textarea, combo box, checkbox, file upload) and also a date pick-up calendar. All the tags have the following features:

  • Internationalized label
  • Indication of errors next to the field
  • Indication of required field
  • Pluggable data formatter
  • Runtime access definition: not display, display if not null, display read only, * display writeable
  • Runtime modification of the css style used to display the label
  • Customization of the generated HTML code


  • Internationalized headers
  • Sort on the server or on the client
  • Pager
  • Row color alternance
  • Links
  • Editable columns
  • Rows selection
  • Pluggable data formatter
  • Emphasizing of specific rows
  • Nested lists
  • Customization of the generated HTML code


  • Breadcrumbs
  • Menu
  • Tabbed panels
  • Treeview