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04:15 pm Struts Layout now inside Improve Foundations Factory
We are proud to announce that the Struts Layout project is now embedded into the *forge* hosting "*Improve Foundation... admin Admin
04:08 pm 31 July 2009: Struts-Layout 1.4
31 July 2009
Struts-Layout 1.4 is out!
Struts-Layout 1.4 contains many improvements and bug fixes. Check the ch...
admin Admin
04:07 pm 23.10.2007: Struts-Layout 1.3
Struts-Layout 1.3 is out !
Struts-Layout 1.3 contains several new renderers. Check the changelog for...
admin Admin
04:07 pm 24.10.2007: Hosting change
Hosting change : Struts-Layout is now hosted at
admin Admin
04:06 pm 02.10.2006: Struts-Layout 1.2
Struts-Layout 1.2 is out ! Struts-Layout 1.2 is compatible with Struts 1.1 (require compatibility jar),...
admin Admin
04:06 pm 03.06.2006: EL compatibility
EL compatibility with servlet container supporting JSP 2.0 Struts-Layout EL character can now be custom...
admin Admin
04:05 pm 08.03.2006: Sorting
Sort can now be done by Collator objects. This allows to do case insensitive and unaccented server side...
admin Admin
04:05 pm 28.01.2006: article on display modes
François Goldgewicht wrote an article on Struts-Layout display mode. You can read it "here":http://wiki...
admin Admin
04:04 pm 28.10.2005: new tags for datagrid
The new tags <layout:datagridSelect> and <layout:datagridCheckbox>, which allow to put checkbox and sel...
admin Admin
04:03 pm 26.10.2005 TLD into JAR
For easier deployement, Struts-Layout tld is now packaged in the jar. The tld uri is http://struts.impr...
admin Admin
04:03 pm 20.10.2005: Apache 2.0 license.
License change : Struts-Layout is now provided under the Apache 2.0 license.
admin Admin
04:02 pm 20.06.2005 Struts-Layout Studio
Struts-Layout Studio Community Edition is available for public download. Please check the tools page fo...
admin Admin
04:01 pm 02.06.2005 Struts-Layout V1.1
Struts-Layout V1.1 officialy released !! Check the changelog
admin Admin
04:01 pm 21.03.2005: Struts Recipes book
George Franciscus and Danilo Gurovich wrote Struts Recipes, a book with a full chapter on Struts-Layout...
admin Admin
04:00 pm 11.02.2005: Statistics
Statistics data can now be displayed with the collection tag. Have a look here for a live example. Many...
admin Admin
04:00 pm 23.11.2004: documentation in French
Most of the tags API documentation is now availabled in French, thanks to François Goldgewicht.
admin Admin
03:59 pm 23.05.2004: datagrid demo
A demonstration of the new datagrid features is available in DemoServeurDeNews.
admin Admin
03:59 pm 09.03.2004: Struts-Layout 1.0 is out
Struts-Layout 1.0 is out.
admin Admin
03:59 pm 03.02.2004: CVS
The cvs is now browsable from the web.
admin Admin
03:58 pm 02.02.2004: website built with Maven
The website is now built with Maven.
admin Admin
03:58 pm 29.10.2003: Struts-Layout 1.0b2 is out.
Struts-Layout 1.0b2 is out.
admin Admin
03:57 pm 09.07.2003: Struts-Layout now includes struts 1.1 final
Struts-Layout nightly builds now includes struts 1.1.
admin Admin
03:57 pm 11.03.2003: Struts-Layout includes struts 1.1
Struts-Layout nightly builds now includes struts 1.1rc1.
admin Admin
03:56 pm 03.10.2002: Struts-Layout 1.0b1 is out
Struts-Layout 1.0b1 is out
DemoServeurDeNews is back. This simple news server shows all the Struts-L...
admin Admin
03:54 pm 09.09.2002: Struts-Layout 0.5 is out
Struts-Layout 0.5 is out. Priority is now to improve the documentation.
admin Admin
03:54 pm 02.09.2002: back from holidays.
The team is back from holidays.
admin Admin
03:53 pm 14.08.2002: mailing list
The struts layout team at Improve SA is on holidays for 2 weeks :)
There will be no support during ...
admin Admin
03:53 pm 17.07.2002: collections are now sortable on client browsers
collections are now sortable on client browsers.
admin Admin
03:52 pm 27.06.2002: example of the policy framework
an example of the policy framework is now available for download and in the CVS.
admin Admin
03:52 pm 18.04.2002: nightly builds are now available
nightly builds are now available
admin Admin
03:51 pm 03.04.2002: Struts-Layout v0.4 released
Struts-Layout v0.4 released
admin Admin
03:51 pm 21.02.2002: new features
Lots of changes with 2 new features (text formatting and field display policy), a new look for the webs...
admin Admin
03:51 pm 10.02.2002: Documentation
Documentation of the form and field display modes are available on the server.
admin Admin
03:50 pm 04.02.2002: work on Struts-Layout v0.4
Work in progress builds of Struts-Layout v0.4 are available on the download page.
admin Admin
03:50 pm 08.11.2001: New demonstration
New demonstration of Struts-Layout: News Server (alpha)
admin Admin
03:49 pm 30.10.2001: Struts-Layout v0.311 released
Struts-Layout v0.311 released
admin Admin
03:49 pm 30.10.2001: Struts-Layout v0.31 released
Struts-Layout v0.31 released
admin Admin
03:49 pm 18.07.2001: Struts-Layout v0.3 released
Struts-Layout v0.3 released
admin Admin
03:48 pm 20.06.2001: Struts-Layout v0.2 released
struts-light renamed to Struts-Layout
Struts-Layout v0.2 released
admin Admin
03:47 pm 06.2001:
06.2001 uses Struts and Struts-Layout
admin Admin
03:47 pm 12.03.2001: struts-light v0.1 released
12.03.2001 is up
struts-light v0.1 released
admin Admin


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Demo Frédéric ESNAULT
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