StrutsLayout: 20.06.2001: Struts-Layout v0.2 released

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struts-light renamed to Struts-Layout

Struts-Layout v0.2 released

StrutsLayout: 06.2001:

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06.2001 uses Struts and Struts-Layout

StrutsLayout: 12.03.2001: struts-light v0.1 released

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12.03.2001 is up

struts-light v0.1 released

Monoi: New site for the project

Added by Frédéric ESNAULT almost 7 years ago

Monoi is now hosted by The site is embedded into a real forge thru Redmine.

Open Edition: Improve Foundations version 5.3 (3 comments)

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Version 5.3 of Improve Foundations has just been released.

This version of the Open Edition includes the following new features:
  • Compatibility with Java 1.4 is abandoned in order to provide Java 5-related features and enhancements
  • Support for annotations as an alternative to the XML configuration
  • A simplified API for accessing components of a layer
  • JSF integration and support via the new IFE-JSF extension
  • Update of some integrated frameworks (Hibernate)
  • IFE-Errors is now in the scope of the Open Edition

Reading the Release Notes provides a comprehensive description of these new features. Feel free to comment on this version and write suggestions for the next versions on the forums of this site.

Please note that version 5.3 of the Corporate Edition contains more new features.

Open Edition: Overhaul of community website (2 comments)

Added by Frédéric ESNAULT almost 7 years ago

The community web site around Improve Foundations is today a result of a complete overhaul. It is now an integrated forge based on the following tools :
  • Redmine (embedding Apache, MySQL, Ruby On Rails, Subversion, Git)
  • Maven
  • Hudson
  • Sonar
  • Nexus
  • Tomcat
  • Eclipse
The aim of this set of tools is primarily to organize the collaborative work and continuous integration on the Improve Foundations project. It is also the realization of the community of users who can access all contents and services, especially
  • Download the executable and source code
  • Download documents and read addons on the wiki
  • Directly access to the javadoc
  • Participate to the discussion forums
  • Get support through the bug trackers
  • Participate to the roadmap
  • Install the tools via the update site for Eclipse
  • Automatically download artifacts from our repository for Maven

This site, now active on the Improve Foundations project, will grow in the near future with more content in English language and will soon host other open source projects such as Struts Layout and Rialto.

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