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layout:select unable to display ActionError message [Kurz Malenda]

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[Kurz Malenda]
I tried to display some validation error message on the screen, and ActionError message are showing for other field types such as layout:text, layout:radio, but not layout:select. The select tag doesn't capture the ActionError message at all. Tab color changes to red when other field type have ActionError associated with the field, but the Tab color does not change when an ActionError is associated with layout:select. Here a piece of the jsp code:


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[Jean-Noël Ribette]
What version of Struts-Layout are you using ? This bug has been closed in the nightly builds.

Updated by Old User about 12 years ago

i m working with struts layout and can display errors. sorry but my engish is so bad, add me to msn ( ) and i say how to do.

Updated by Emma Watson 22 days ago

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