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Field messages in session scope are lost [Wilfried Reinoehl]

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[Wilfried Reinoehl]
This is a feature request to support field messages that are stored in session
scope. Saving ActionErrors or ActionMessages in session scope is a standard
Struts operation (see the appropriated saveErrors() and saveMessages() methods
in the Struts Action class.

I need this feature since I user the Struts Dialogs library together with Struts Layout. Struts Dialogs requires to store errors/messages in session scope.

I suggest the following additional lines in the retrieveErrors() method in the LayoutUtils class that are surrounded by the SF_PATCH_START und SF_PATCH_END comments. Doing this my feature request will be satisfied and existing code that stores errors/messages in request scope works as before.

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public static List retrieveErrors(PageContext pageContext, String property)
throws JspException {
ActionMessages errors =
(ActionMessages) pageContext.getAttribute(
ActionMessages sessionScopeErrors =
(ActionMessages) pageContext.getAttribute(
if (errors == null) {
errors = sessionScopeErrors;
} else {
List localizedErrors = new ArrayList();
if (errors != null && !errors.isEmpty()) {
Iterator iterator = errors.get(property);
while (iterator != null && iterator.hasNext()) {
ActionMessage report = (ActionMessage) iterator.next();
LayoutUtils.getLabel(pageContext, report.getKey(), report.getValues()));
return localizedErrors;

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