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CollectionDetail doesn't work if you don't use default el.character in the skin configuration file [Albino Soave]

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[Albino Soave]
We are experiencing a trouble using tag "CollectionDetail" .
Here's the problem:
We are welcoming and enjoying the introduction of the "el.character" key in the skin configuration file, because this is very helpful in using EL expressions (i.e. in the "onrowclick" of the collection tag), avoiding the servlet container to evaluate them at the wrong time.
So in our configuration file we changed the default el.character to another one (say §). Unfortunately, we found that jsps using CollectionDetail Tag no more work. This is caused by method doEndTag of the CollectionDetailTag, which doesn't take care of the el.character set in the skin configuration file; instead the property onRowMouseOver is set with the default char $.


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[Gilles Rossi]
Your diagnostic and your solution are right.

It's done and committed in 1.2 and 1.3.
The 1.3 packaged version will be available tomorrow.
The 1.2 version is available on CVS: ":pserver::/cvs", branch "Struts-Layout-1-2"

Thanks for your contribution!

Updated by Old User about 10 years ago

[Albino Soave]
Thanks for the correction and for your kindness.
I have one more little request: we are using struts-layout 1.2 with the compatibility option for struts 1.1. May you kindly produce the package for this version too?
Thanks in advance!

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