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font size and alignment problem where CollectionItem is set to sortable=true [Unknown user]

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[Unknown user]
I have changed the font size to 12 in the default.css file. <TABLE=FORM>

The problem is if the field is set up sortable, the font size doesn't change.

It seems the font size is default to 14px for any field which is defined to sortable='true'

It creates the messing look as all the columns are not defined as a sortable field. For example,
for non sortable field, the font size shown in the web page is 12px but for sortable field still displays the default font size.

<layout:collectionItem title="prompt.leaveId" property="id" sortable="true"/>
<layout:collectionItem title="prompt.leaveType" property="leaveType" "/>

If i can't resolve this issue, i cannot release our applicaiton to our clients. Please advise.


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