Helpful ways to write essays

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One helpful way to write essays is to relate it on a story of that topic. The story may be 70% of the total essay, and whatever lesson you got from the story would be the rest. But how do you begin an essay with a story? How to know which part of your life to write? The valuable stories in our real life are mostly the unexpected ones. The events may be getting surprised by something, something bad happened, winning something we didn't expect, some valuable appreciation, some embraced moments etc. Once you finish the story, you can share your lesson with the readers.
Before going to any topic, be sure to frame its design: A good essay will have a good flow and good design. No matter how easily you write there is no use of your skill if you are not able to express it in a good flow. An essay which tries to keep up its flow throughout succeeds and gain maximum marks. First you should frame your essay. Suppose the topic is globalization. Here, build a framework like first define it, how it started, is it good or bad for human being, what are the areas it is having an impact and how we can reduce it. This way after each para you’ll have something to write and thus it will build flow in your essay. In my view you should check any [[]] which has many essay samples.
Take a topic to which you can relate your thoughts. Good marks will be obtained only of you have something your own to say. It won’t happen until you are not able to link the subject. Bond with the helps you to express your own thoughts. It helps the reader to judge your personality through your essay. Just think, is it possible to convince any other person about a topic until you are with the same? No! That is the reason you should write your essay with your heart by seeking the help of your mind.

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